Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 80 -
The Lord Pinches Those Who Love Him

HEN HE ARRIVED at the villa, Joseph went directly to his sons who just then were busy with the preparation of a noon meal and said to them,
'Good, good, my sons, you have anticipated my wish, but today we have three more guests, namely the three priests who early today were set out to die!
These we want to treat exceptionally well, so they will become our friends in the recognition of our Father in heaven,
who has chosen us to be His children through the covenant which He made with our fathers.
You, James, go outside quickly to meet the mother who has become very tired and relieve her of the Baby dearest to us all,
and put Him to bed right away, for He also is noticeably tired and yearns for His cradle!'
James immediately ran out and went over to Mary who was just getting out of the litter, and at once with great love and joy took the Baby from her arms.
The Baby also returned the same great affection to James - for He frisked about on his arms and smiled and pinched and pulled on him as much as ever He could get hold of him with His little hands.
And the three priests, who were filled with the utmost respect of this Child, were surprised and delighted in their souls because they discovered something quite childlike in this Child.
One of them therefore went over to James and asked him in good Hebrew,
'Tell me, is this most miraculous Child of all children always so hearty, yes one might say even a bit teasingly rough like ordinary children sometimes are, although not until they are two or three years old?'
Here the Baby promptly answered in place of James, saying:
'Yes, yes, My friend! Those I love, I also pinch, squeeze and tease - but that happens only with those who love Me as My James does - and I love them as I love My dear James here.
But I do not do them any harm for all that! - Is it not so, My dear James, it does not hurt you if I pinch and squeeze you?'
At this James, quickly touched to tears as usual, said, 'Oh my divine, dearest little Brother, how could You hurt me?'
And the Baby thereupon answered James, saying: 'James, My brother, you do truly love me!
And I love you so much that you will eternally never be able to quite comprehend how much I love you!
See, my dear brother James, the heavens are wide and infinitely great - they include countless numbers of shining worlds of light in relation to which the earth is only a drop of dew -
and these worlds carry countless numbers of most happy beings of your kind. But among them none is happier than you, now My dearest brother! At present you do not understand Me, but in time you will understand Me quite well. I do not want to sleep now while the children of men keep watch about Me. And with you, James, I shall remain!
These words broke James' heart anew and he wept for joy of love, and the inquiring priest nearly sank into the ground from sheer reverence and highest respect for this Child.