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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Apparition and Message of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady on February 11, 2024 - 166th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Lourdes and of the seer Marcos Tadeu

Change Your Life and Atone for Your Sins, Purifying Your Souls with Prayers and Sacrifices








(Saint Joseph appeared and gave no public message)

(Sacred Heart): "My son Marcos, I come today with My Mother and My Father St. Joseph to communicate My message of love to the whole world.

Through the mouth of My servant, I have made My message of love echo throughout 190 countries on earth.

Through the mouth of My servant, I have made My song of love echo in millions of hearts all over the world.

Through the yes of My generous, dedicated, hard-working and obedient servant, who worked himself to exhaustion for Me and My Mother for 30-odd years...

Yes, through the yes of My servant, My Sacred Heart was able to send the light of salvation to so many souls who lay in the darkness of sin.

Yes, through My servant's yes, My Flame of Love with My Mother reached so many hearts that were far from Me, far from My Mother, far from our love, far from peace.

Through the yes of My most generous servant and victim soul, I was able to pull out many who were in the clutches of the devil, bound to him by sin, enslaved to him by sin and even possessed by the spirit of evil.

Yes, My son, during the nights while you suffer with Me on the Cross, while you feel the pain that My Mother and I allow you, we send you for the salvation of souls, how many possessed of the devil are freed. How many who are enslaved to him by sin are also freed.

How many souls filled with the enemy's contamination because they have sinned with others are also purified.

Yes, some would never be able to purify themselves from this contamination on their own! And death taking them by surprise would lead them to Hell.

Thanks to your sacrifice of your headache, these souls are purified. Your pain, your sacrifice, which sometimes went as far as shedding blood, purifies these souls from the spiritual contamination that taints their souls and makes them repellent in My eyes.

Your sacrifice purifies souls, beautifies them and makes them pleasing to Me again. Therefore, through the yes of My chosen servant and his sacrifice of love, the swamp of sin of this world, of these souls of this world, is purified and transformed into a rose garden of holiness.

Thanks to the yes of My chosen servant, who gave his whole life to Me and to My Mother, the whole world finally knows My Mother's Apparitions and Mine, feels the pain of our Hearts for the hardness of hearts and the loss of so many souls, the horror of sin and the beauty of holiness.

And now, souls can truly know Me, know My Mother and learn to live each day in My will, in the love of My Mother, in the grace of My Holy Spirit.

Yes, through the yes of My most dedicated and hardworking servant, our voice has traveled throughout the world and so many messages that we have given over the centuries in the places where we have appeared and which were forgotten, despised and hidden... These thousands of messages have been made known to the world thousands and thousands of times.

I'm talking about the rosaries meditated on, chaplets meditated on and prayers recorded by My chosen servant. These messages, repeated so many times, transmitted so many times, have reached so many countries on earth, who can now truly know My pain, My Mother's pain, be converted, can know our love and decide for it.

Therefore, through the yes of My chosen servant, My Heart and My Mother's Heart crush and humiliate Satan every day, our Hearts humiliate and overcome Satan every day.

So, My chosen servant, do not be discouraged and continue to do our will, because most of the way has already been trodden by Us, there is little left now. Just a short time to receive your crown of victory, your crown of imperishable glory.

Forward! Hold on to My hand, hold on to My Mother's hand and never stop along the way. But fly, fly even higher towards the victory that awaits us. And My children who have seen our love and our power here, our mercy and our pain, will praise us, bless us and become the blessed generation that will glorify us forever in the triumph of our Hearts.

I wish you all to repent and convert, for I am already returning. Yes, the dawn is already breaking, the new day is about to arrive, the night is about to end. And then, all those who preferred darkness will disappear with it forever.

And those who preferred the bright day of grace and holiness will shine with Me and My Mother in My Father's kingdom.

Yes, Satan is already in place, he is already prepared for the last three battles, the first of which will be soon.

Let everyone prepare themselves, because he has now decided to use his last weapons to lead everyone to eternal perdition.

Yes, he has plotted his plan with all the demons and those who are not truly converted, transformed, firm in My love and in the love of My Mother will be lost.

Yes, convert now, because those who are divided between light and darkness, Heaven and Earth, good and evil will be the first ones he will attack and take with him. Then he will focus his attacks on the good, to discourage them with a thousand trials, temptations and difficulties.

Only those who have My Mother's Flame of Love and who have truly put into practice our messages, our lessons of love, will remain faithful in Our Hearts.

Those who have run almost all the way, but at the last stretch allow themselves to be seduced, will lose all the merit of the race. Don't be one of these children of Mine: persevere, watch and pray.

Do what My Mother asked you to do at Lourdes through our beloved Bernadette: 'Penance! Penance! Penance!'

In other words: Change your life and atone for your sins, purifying your souls with prayers and sacrifices.

My Sacred Heart blesses all of you now and gives forgiveness for all sins to those who are truly willing to convert and repent.

I also bless you, My most beloved son Marcos.

The miracle of the candle flame* that did not burn your hand, done by My power and My Mother's power so many years ago, is the greatest sign we give to the world of the truth of our apparitions here. And of how much you are our chosen, beloved servant, whom we have always loved and will always love.

And we will make you great in Heaven because of the greatness of your proven works of love for so many, many years.

Yes, in that miracle, everyone who believes will be saved. Whoever does not believe will already be sealed for eternal damnation.

I bless you all now from Paray-Le-Monial, Dozulé and Jacareí."

(Most Holy Mary): "Dear children, I come again through the mouth of My servant to give My message.

Yes, through the yes of the child I have chosen, I have shown My glory to the whole world in this place.

By the yes of the child I chose in Lourdes, I manifested to the whole world My power, My maternal love, the beauty of My Immaculate Conception and My glory which to this day attracts millions and millions of children to Me in the Grotto where I appeared.

Through the yes of the children I chose in Lourdes and Jacareí, My Immaculate Heart showed the whole world the greatness of My love, My mercy, My desire to save all My children.

Through the yes of the two children I chose in Lourdes and Jacareí, I sent My message of prayer and penance to My children throughout the world.

Through the two children I chose in Lourdes and Jacareí, I showed the whole world My maternal pain during My apparitions, appearing sad and saying: 'Penance! Penance! Penance! Pray to God for sinners! Make sacrifices for sinners!

Through the two children I chose in Lourdes and Jacareí, I showed the whole world My power as Mediatrix, Advocate and Queen of the Universe, performing prodigious cures through the water of My miraculous springs in these two shrines.

In this way, I have shown the whole world not only the truth of My apparitions, but also the great power I have over My Son's Heart, obtaining everything I want from him and he denies Me nothing.

Through the two children I chose in Lourdes and Jacareí, I showed the whole world My immense desire to save everyone, to gather everyone under My Maternal Mantle, to keep My children safe in My arms in the warmth of My lap, of My Heart!

Through the two children I chose in Lourdes and Jacareí, I showed the whole world the power of My Immaculate Heart and the truth of My Apparitions, by performing the great miracle of the candle flame* on the bodies of the two chosen and elect children, which did not burn them. So that all of humanity, seeing this sign, may believe in My message, convert and be saved.

Whoever believes in this miracle will be saved, whoever does not believe will be sealed for eternal damnation. It will be a sin against the Holy Spirit.

Any blasphemy against Me and My Apparitions is a sin against the Holy Spirit and will not be forgiven in any way, either in this life or in the next. So: Be careful, be careful!

For the two children I chose in Lourdes and Jacareí, I showed Myself to the whole world as a Woman dressed as the Sun, as the Immaculate Conception crowned with Twelve Stars, beautiful as the Moon, brilliant as the Sun, beautiful and terrible as an Army in Order of Battle, to call all My children to fight with Me against Satan and the army of evil.

He is now determined to deceive you in every way and draw you away from Me. He is determined, My children, to drag you down to Hell with him, because now his time has come and he will finally be crushed by Me after his last attacks.

His time is up, and now, in despair, knowing that he will have to go to his eternal prison, mad with satanic hatred, he wants to take you and drag you down, seducing you into sin and enslaving you to his tyrannical power.

Resist him! Renounce him and all evil. Decide definitively for Heaven and salvation.

Live My messages, because only those who live them will stand before My Son and Me.

What will those do who have despised My messages for so many years, who have not done good works? Have they not sought to acquire merit and now, at the last hour, their Lord is coming to sit at the table to settle accounts with them?

What will become of those who never, never undertook a true conversion, which usually takes years and years?

What will become of the lukewarm, the dry, the cold, the frivolous, the inconsequential, the sin-crazed?

What will become of those who haven't believed in Me all along, and so I haven't believed in them either?

Now we really have to fight the last battle. My time is also approaching and soon I will reveal the last secrets and My appearances will end on Earth and you will be left with only what you have heard, what you have practiced and the merits you have acquired from fulfilling My messages.

This will be the only light that, especially in the days of darkness, will shine and scare away the demons.

But how will those who don't have this light do it? And whose light is darkness?

Convert! These are the last warnings from the Mother who wants to save everyone!

I appeared in the Grotto of Massabielle in Lourdes to call all My children to Prayer, Penance and Fasting.

There, too, I told My daughter Bernadette many things about the end times. My son Marcos knows that Lourdes is much more than one imagines and only My son Marcos understood this.

Yes, Lourdes is the manifestation of the one who is the new humanity recreated and renewed, perfectly realized in God. The one who recreated the entire Universe with Her yes, the one who recreated the Universe ruined by sin by giving Her yes that brought the Savior. It was this same woman who appeared at Lourdes and there, through Her many miracles, regenerated not only the bodies, but also the spirits of so many who were also sick and spiritually dead.

And here, the same Woman whose yes recreated the entire Universe destroyed by sin by bringing the Savior, this same Woman recreates anew the spirits of those who are sick and spiritually dead and here brings them back to life.

That is why I chose the two children in Lourdes and Jacareí, at the beginning and at the end of My time, to show the whole world the full force of My maternal power. And so to lead My children along the right path to salvation: which is that of Prayer, Sacrifice, Penance and Conversion.

Yes, in My Triumph, the bells of Lourdes and those of My Sanctuary will ring out solemnly as I descend from Heaven in glory with My Angels, trapping Satan and his demons forever in Hell.

Then I will show the whole world My great light which will recreate all things in the Spirit of God.

Then it will be My Triumph, new Heavens and a new earth will come, Peace will reign forever and, finally, I will have My children happy close to My Heart forever.

To you, My little son Marcos, who turns one year older tomorrow, I bless you with all the graces of My Heart.

You have offered Me the merits of the movie Lourdes 8 so that I can convert them into graces and pour them out on your father Carlos Tadeu, on some people you have chosen, one of whom is ill.

I will pour out the graces as you have asked. But today I am mainly pouring out on you, My son, who has the wound of the sword of pain in your soul. Yes, I am pouring out all the streams of My graces on you now and I am also pouring out all the blessings of My Lourdes Shrine on you.

Yes, you are the greatest apostle of Lourdes, the greatest messenger of Lourdes. Thanks to the films you have made, My message of Lourdes is now understood. My children respond to My call: 'Penance! Penance! Penance!'

And they truly seek to atone for their sins with prayers and sacrifices and they truly seek to change, to amend their lives.

Thanks to you and the films you have made, My children understand the Secret of Lourdes, the Secret of My daughter Bernadette, which is love. True love for Me, which is made up of sacrifices and works.

Do you love My Son? Do you love Me? Then sacrifice yourselves for Me!

My children understand that Lourdes is Me, it is My love that loves, that heals, that saves My children.

I only want them to say yes, and then I will work wonders in them! I perform so many miracles and wonders in Lourdes, because there My children have true faith in Me, they truly say yes to Me. And so I have the freedom to work wonders in them.

Here, if you do the same, I will perform so many portentous wonders, miracles and signs that the whole world looking at this place will say: 'New Lourdes!'

Yes, everything depends on you, the future of the world depends on you. Without conversion, there is no future for this world or for you. So make up your minds for Me, for the Lord, for Heaven, and My Immaculate Heart will give you a bright future of joy and love.

To you My knight of Lourdes! To you My warrior, My most intrepid defender of Lourdes, I bless you now with all My graces.

And I say to you: Yes, Bernadette's song, My daughter Bernadette's love song has taken Lourdes to the whole world. But your song, My son, brings not only Lourdes, but all My Apparitions to the whole world.

That's why I love you more, much more than any servant of Mine who has ever walked this earth. And in the Rosaries that you have meditated on, in the films and works of love that you have made for Me, My Heart finds all the pleasure, all the satisfaction, all the pride and all the joy, all the contentment and all the jubilation.

I bless you and all My children and I say: In the miracle of the candle flame* that I made in your body and that of My little daughter Bernadette,

I manifested to the whole world My predilection, My endless love and how in you, My beloved child, all the greatness, all the complacency of My Immaculate Heart is enclosed, poured out and rests.

Pray My Rosary every day, I am the Immaculate Conception of Lourdes, I am the Messenger of Peace and I bless you all now: from Lourdes, from Pellevoisin and from Jacareí.

Peace My children, peace to you wind of the Immaculate, wind of My Immaculate Conception, to you My most hardworking and dedicated of My children."

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! I have come from Heaven to bring peace to you!"

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Since February 7, 1991, the Blessed Mother of Jesus has been visiting the Brazilian land in the Apparitions of Jacareí, in the Paraíba Valley, and transmitting Her Messages of Love to the world through Her chosen one, Marcos Tadeu Teixeira. These celestial visits continue until today, know this beautiful story that began in 1991 and follow the requests that Heaven makes for our salvation...

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