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Monday, July 7, 2014

Mary’s, Mystical Rose, Urgent Call to the Children of God.

Temptation Spirits and Negative Thoughts, My Adversary Has Scattered to Make Lose the Children of God!


Little children; may my love and my motherly protection accompany you always.

Temptation spirits and negative thoughts, my adversary has scattered to make lose the children of God! Invoke, my little children, the power of the Blood of my son and ask for my powerful intersection at all time so that you will be able to counteract these attacks. I tell you this my little children, because your mind is attacked with thoughts of violence, revenge, lust, adultery, deceit, fornication, envy and all the sins of the flesh which will cause that many fall and perish.

Do not follow the game of my adversary; remind that ‘the struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the principalities, against the authorities, against the powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the celestial places’. (Ephesians 6, 12)

Little children if you fall into temptation go immediately to search one of my beloveds (priest) for confession and to obtain absolution; strengthen yourselves daily with the Body and Blood of my Son, and keep alert and vigilant as good soldiers so that you do not fall again into temptation, because it is writing in the Holy Word that ‘the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak’. (Matthew 26, 41)

Little children, my adversary seeks to take control of humankind and he knows that attacking your mind, he is able to accomplish it. If he controls your mind it will be easier for him to dominate your Being. This is the reason that I always ask you to flee from whatever is motive for sinning and to pray with the Precious Blood of my Son when you realize that you are under attack; recall that like a roaring lion your adversary prowls around, and he does not rest looking for the way to make you lose.

Seal with the Blood of my Son, places and people who you will be with, and do the same with your family; seal yourselves with the Precious Blood prayer, morning and evening, for you to be able to counteract the incendiary darts of the malign with which he will attack your minds.

I give you these two prayers that my Son has given me, so that I am able to teach you how to repel the mental attacks. These are exorcism prayers with the Precious Blood of my Son, learn it and memorize it for you can defend yourself when you are attacked by my adversary and his forces of evil.


By the Glorious Blood of the Covenant of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I command temptation spirits and false thoughts to let me free and at peace. !Out, out, out of my mind and of my thoughts; I command you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Who defeated you on the Cross!

Powerful Blood of Liberation, Healing and Redemption, shed by Our Lord Jesus Christ, fight the enemy of my soul in my body, mind and spirit; powerful Blood keep away from my Being all incendiary and poisoned dart of the malign. Oh Glorious Blood of my redeemer no let me fall into temptation and deliver me from all evil. Amen

May the peace of my Lord remain with you. This mother loves you, Mary, Mystical Rose.

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