Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jesus’s, the Good Sheppard, Call to His Flock.

It Will Be Man with Technology of Death, Who Will Unleash Divine Justice!


Peace to you, sheep of my flock.

The night of my righteousness is drawing close, and there will be no turning back; the shortening of days is becoming most notorious; the time’s duration is reaching its limit, and the vast majority of mankind seems as they do not see these signs. Time is growing short as written and humanity continues its everydayness; many remain dormant and they will not be able to wake up.

The great warlike conflict between nations is knocking at the door at any moment it will unleash. The horserider of death and famine is approaching, and it is coming to empty his cup of sorrow over the inhabitants of earth. Dark days for mankind are about to begin, and have no reverse; the humankind will know My Father’s Justice and will know that God is merciful and Just, and He gives each one according to his works. Peace of men is about to break and bring dire consequences for creation and humanity; arrogance, lust of power and expansionism of the kings of this world will be the cause of this tragedy which will mourn the earth and its inhabitants; leaving ineffaceable footprints of sorrow, famine, pestilence and death for all creation.

It will be man with technology of death who will unleash Divine Justice! His technology of destruction will spread throughout all creation and no one will be safe in anywhere. The great warlike conflict will be leveraged to reduce global population; the sky of many nations will be fumigated with the silent death, and it will be pain and tears everywhere. Poor humanity, does not know what expect them! War will destabilize all, and chaos and anarchy will take over nations; the communist’s red dragon will spread out its doctrine of domain, persecution and death upon inhabitants of earth and together with my adversary will subject my people.

My flock, pray in globally chain, only prayer, fasting and penance which you do will mitigate the curse of events about to happen. Dedicate more time to prayer, because the days of great purification are beginning and only the power of prayer can save you from desolation and death which are approaching. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and be converted because the kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Master and Pastor: Jesus, the Good shepherd of all times.

Make known my messages to all mankind!

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