Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, October 29, 2012

Urgent Call from Mary, Mystical Rose to the Children of God.

Oh Ungrateful and Sinful Humanity Who Yearn for the Coming of a Messiah. There Comes Your Messiah, Who Will Lead You to Eternal Death.


Dear children of my heart, may the peace of God be with you.

Allow no one to hoax you by saying that My Son is here or there, My Son will not set foot on this earth, my son comes to reign over the hearts of his purified and loyal people in the new heavens and the new earth which My Father will create. Dear children, believe not to those who will announce the return of the messiah to this world. He who the communication media will announce is not My Son, he is the antichrist disguised as My Son.

Remember he is the father of all lies, the great imitator and falsifier, who will come to humanity talking about peace, yet in his heart there is only hatred, wrath, envy, vengeance, death and destruction. He will be followed by those who are not inscribed in the Book of Life.

My children, peace comes only from God who is love and mercy in essence, the being of iniquity comes to destroy you and steal away your soul; at the beginning he will show himself as a pacifier while he gains trust from the great majority of humanity; he will talk of peace and solidarity and will perform prodigies, this will be the trap in which many will fall.

Remember what My Son has told you in past messages: Do not look or listen to the false prophet, the false messiah, for he has the power to influence souls and make them lost.

My dear children, stay away from his teachings and false doctrine, listen not to him, for he has the power to convince, he is astute, he is the old serpent and knows your weaknesses. Seal yourselves with the Blood of My Son in your mind, powers, thoughts, feelings, memory, will, consciousness, unconsciousness, and sub consciousness; with His Blood seal also your body and soul, and all the gadgets like: TV, radios, Hi-Fi systems, telephones and cellphones, computers and any other medium by which his voice or image can filter itself.

My children ask for My Holy protection and when you feel in imminent danger of falling say: Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin, Most Holy Mary, and I will come with Michael and the Angels of heaven to protect you. I foretell you all this my dear children, for my incarnate adversary is about to manifest himself to humanity as the awaited messiah.

Remember my children, that all the events have been accelerated by wickedness and sins of the immense majority of humanity of these the end times. Oh ungrateful and sinful humanity who yearn for the coming of a messiah. There comes your messiah, who will lead you to eternal death! Henceforth my children, remain vigilant and prayerful, falter not in your prayers and the praying of my holy Rosary, and neglect not your spiritual armour, so that you may repel the incendiary darts of my adversary and his agents of evil. May the peace of God be with you, and my motherly protection assists you. Your Mother, Mary Mystical Rose. Make my messages known to the confines of the earth.


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