Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Urgent Message from God to All Nations.

Woe to Those Who Say, Nothing Has Happened, and Nothing Will Happen. God Will Not Do Us Good or Harm!


Men of good will, peace be with you.

Woe to those who say, nothing has happened and nothing will happen. God will not do us good or harm! ¡Oh, how wrong you are children of the world!; I tell you, I have not unleashed my wrath but for my mercy, and as Your Father, I await the prodigal son, even to the last minute, for you to reconsider, repent and return to your Father’s home. It is much time since My creation calls: Justice, justice, justice and it will be My justice to be poured onto You very soon, for everything to be purified and hence Law and Order will reign again.

Oh, how senseless you are; how reassured you feel, as nothing has happened? Why has My justice not yet begun? Senseless I tell you, I have yet to pour My justice unto humanity, for I await for your conversion; you well know that I am not pleased with the death of sinners. But I see in you, a people with hard cervixes in need of much justice in order to change. You think as men, I think as God; remember I am more Father than Judge. As your Father I await for my conscience awakening to aid you to reconsider and return to Me, it is My last change, do not forfeit it. You are living the latest bells of My mercy; take advantage of this last chance of mercy offered to you, to repent from the heart. For tomorrow no one will hear you and it will be too late for many. My justice, Who can bear it? I am giving you all the signs and My creation cries of labor pains, in various places, yearning for your conscience; and yet, you remain deaf and blind, to My calls; What will be of you creatures, when I unleash My fair wrath? Then you will beat your chest and clamor to Heaven for mercy and you will not be heard.

During the time of My justice no mortal will be safe, for he who wants to save his life will lose it, yet he who loses it for Me, will save it. Many of the last ones will be first and many of the first will be last, for without God you are nothing. I tell you mortals: What do you know of My mercy? Many of you fancy yourselves as wise and deny My existence; you judge all from the view point of human reasoning and worldly wisdom, even the works of God; I tell you, that your wisdom and human discernment are garbage before My eyes. Judge worldly things with human discernment, but do not discern the things of the Lord humanly for only the Holy Spirit of Truth may reveal it. Do not play at being Gods, stop manipulating My creation and My creatures; very soon you will know Me not as your Father, but as a Fair Judge. Hence, you will know the One and Only God, Lord of Nations and God of gods.

It saddens me to see My creation being turned by you it into a desert, by your injustices and lust for power. My creation lays sick and desolate, if I do not intervene you may destroy it. How many lives are interrupted within the murderous mother’s wombs? How many nations are scourged themselves in absolute misery? A minority exploits and enslaves an immense majority. I tell you, I will no longer allow these injustices; you gods of the mud, your reign is about to be terminated. My land will be given as inheritance to my chosen people; My New Jerusalem waits for my loyal and faithful children.

You Opulent have already enjoyed and squandered on this earth your talents without taking into account my Lazarus. The time of My justice is near; all has come to pass. Repent and convert for the kingdom of God is near. Again, I tell you, peace be with you, men of good will. I am your Father, Yahveh Lord of the heavens and earth. Fair Judge.

Make my messages known to all the nations.

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