Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sanctifying Mary’s Urgent Message, Alto De Guarne, Antioquia.

The Awakenning of My Father’s Concience Will Show You the Truth and Will Prepare You for the Days of Trial.


Dearly beloved children of my heart, may my motherly protection remain with you.

My children, creation has begun its woes; prepare yourselves for the changes your planet will suffer. In many places the weather has begun to lower below cero and in others the heat will be unbearable; life in the cities will become chaos. Start provisioning of non perishable foods and with fresh clothes for the day and coats for the evenings, for mornings and afternoons will be hot, and the nights and dawns will be freezing.

Start getting accustomed to live God’s mercy, being thankful for the little or for the lot; I tell you this, for when the economy fails money will not serve you to satisfy your basic everyday needs.

Heed my calls at once and do not be stubborn; store all which you need, so you can confront the trial days that lay ahead. Those who have economical means do it now; those who do not have economical means, freight not, for I your Mother, will not forsake you; I will intercede before my Father, I only ask that you have faith and trust and the daily provision will be given you, by God’s mercy. The most important my children, is the obedience to my Father’s will, all else is extra.

The impious nations, will more harshly feel the pass of divine justice, many will disappear of the face of the earth. The continents will fuse and will become a sole continent; the earth will be divided into the twelve tribes of Israel. Hence it is close my children, the time of your liberation, sin and wickedness will soon disappear. Gloria in Excelsi to God of life is sung by the Angels in heaven. Gloria in Excelsi will be the song of the people of God during the days of the trial.

My children, very soon you will be transformed by the grace of the Spirit into new creatures, for the glory of God. My Father’s conscience awakening will show you the truth and will prepare you for the days of trial. The trumpets announcing the time of divine justice have begun and very soon they will be heard through the confines of the earth. Do not be afraid, pray, watch and trust; gather into a single flock, for your Eternal Shepherd is near. Beware of the wolves my dear children, for they are lose; very soon the fallen Angels, which you call extraterrestrials, will manifest talking to you about peace; they will say they are messengers coming from other galaxies visiting for peace; do not believe in their lies, it is all a hoax of my adversary to confuse humanity. Many will appear calling themselves illuminated to deceive many, even many chosen ones. Fallen angels will take human form, to send false messages, accepted by many as coming from heaven. Do not pay attention to messages talking of energies and cosmic forces, for all this is part of my adversary’s deceit.

My son’s flock, you have been forewarned to not be surprised, remain by my side and I will not allow my adversary to harm you. Do not believe in the lies of false prophets proclaiming all have been saved and that God will not punish humanity, for God is love. I do remind you my children, God is Love, but he too is justice and without purification there will not be redemption. Let no one deceive you talking about salvation without purification. To get to heaven, you first must go through Calvary; to see the light, you must first know the darkness. May the peace of God One and Triune be with you always and my maternal protection remains with you. Your Mother, Sanctifying Mary.

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